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Yoni Steam

Yoni steaming is an ancient healing practice that creates space for women to not only heal and detox their womb space, but also connect to their Divine Feminine Energy. Yoni is Sanskrit for "sacred space" and translates to "womb'" or "vagina". It consist of sitting or squatting over warm steam from gently steeped herbs. The steam from the herbs contain medicinal properties that penetrate the vaginal walls and then flow into the bloodstream in order to nourish the womb. The womb is a powerful space that holds a lot of wisdom. By connecting your womb wisdom to the power of plant medicine, you allow this intimate ritual to unlock your innate divine healing power.

The benefits of a yoni steam may include:

Regulate menstrual cycles

Reduced menstrual cramps

Shrink fibroids and cysts

Balance hormones

Increased fertility

Improve symptoms of Endometriosis and PCOS

Regulate pH balance

Eliminate Yeast and BV infections

Increase vaginal lubrication and tightness

Remove stagnant blood between cycles

Facilitate healing and cleansing after pregnancy

Remove stagnant energy from womb

Detox womb space from past sexual partners

Heal and reconnect to body after trauma

It is not recommended to steam during pregnancy or menstrual cycle.

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