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Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic healing modality that utilizes the state of hypnosis (or trance) to access the wisdom of subconscious mind in order to reprogram beliefs and change behaviors. The state of hypnosis is a safe and natural state of focused, relaxed concentration that we often flow in and out of every day.


Can you remember a time when you were driving a car and somehow you got to your destination without remembering the details of your drive? If yes, then you were in a hypnotic trance! This hypnotic phenomenon happens when we enter a relaxed, heightened state of awareness and our attention becomes more focused. During this time, we shift into the more relaxing theta brain wave state. This relaxed state of mind essentially turns off the critical thinking faculty of the mind and allows us to be highly suggestible to new ideas and beliefs.


Hypnotherapy is so powerful because during this highly suggestible state, we can create a new set of positive beliefs and visions through suggesting it to the subconscious mind and creating an emotional connection to the new beliefs.


Some common issues that hypnotherapy can help with:



Self esteem

Weight Loss






Substance abuse


Learning disorders


Relationship Problems

Inner child healing

Performance enhancement

Are you ready to experience the power of hypnotherapy and transform your beliefs, behaviors, and life? Schedule your Elevated Being healing session. This session combines intuitive guidance, sound healing, and hypnotherapy to raise the vibes and create powerful transformations!

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